Preorders for 2022

We will fulfill all orders in the order they are received. This applies to all orders and vendors.  

Transpacs second shipment should be here the first week of October. We will update social media and the website as soon as we get it. 
GHOST COOKIE JAR will be available 3/2022

We will be gone to Atlanta for market in January. We hope to have the storefront open by then. 

We appreciate your patience more than you know. I personally feel horrible that each of you have had to wait patiently. Many of you follow our live sales and know we also use most of what we sell. I understand how frustrating it is. I’m also frustrated. Our vendors are frustrated with us. Each of them have went above and beyond to try to help us get inventory in stock. Unfortunately this issue is nationwide, and the cargo ships are over 200 deep just to get into the port. We will succeed!!!! We will have beautiful displays for our friends and family to enjoy this holiday season. 

God Bless! 
Sylvia Decor